Keep the previous structure, and I will review with 3 aspects

Design projects

Project phases and outcome

I learned a lot of lessons. Topics like content audit…

One of the Medical Thangka

I am into topics like conceptual modeling, data visualization and how to extract information to create striking visuals for simple and direct communication.

When I bumped into a series of 17century Tibetan medical paintings, the best demonstration of how ancient Tibet people unlocked the power of visual language, it immediately…

A good setup is more than halfway to success

“We want to launch this tool in 2 months as part of the big campaign. Here is the idea. Can the design be done in 2 weeks?” This was the case when the Swiss health insurance company Atupri approached Ginetta with the request for a mental health evaluation tool that…

This blog post summarizes briefly what I learned from the course “Writing for confidence” given by Clare Lynch.

For people who are writing: Show up, get stuff written. It will just take years before your ambition & taste matches your actual work. Don’t quit before that.

In Design, we talk…

Stick to the plan: keep the habit of my quarterly work review. Here I am, review what achieved in Q1 2021.

Client Projects


The year begins with 1 design sprint for an insurance client. The client witness how fast we can achieve high quality work, turning a vague idea…

Want to optimize your website’s information architecture, so users can easily find the info through your content categories? Don’t miss out on the card sorting test, one of the most powerful research methods for information architecture projects.

In a card sorting test, users are asked to read the cards and group them

Give users a stack of cards to group, and you will learn about…

I finished reading two books by Dan Brown this month. They are:

A workshop is usually a fun affair that takes place face to face in a bright, comfortable room with a well-prepared toolbox. We love to make extensive use of post-its, voting dots, flip charts to open the minds and get everyone involved. …


Under the 2nd wave of Covid-19, I mostly worked from home in this period. Luckily, I worked on 3 very different and interesting projects in the last quarter of 2020.

When clients come to us, sometimes they know their products can do better but don’t have a clear picture of what needs to be done. …

Min Chen

User experience designer @Ginetta, from Shanghai to Zurich

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